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About Purple

Purple's co-founder Tony's 13-year frontal flight and involvement with space, and Terry's 20-year creation, plan and adventure encouraged a relationship that rulers were engaged in creative carbon fiber sports equipment and wheelchairs. Purple, wheelchair customers who tried Pearces' wheelchairs in 1993 made them understand that an unrivaled wheelchair pad was required. Bed bruises were a terrible part of people's lives outside and outside. Continuing this test, Pearces made the world's lightest cushioning liquid, Floam. In a short time, Floam had five licenses and was used in wheelchair cushions, but was used in basic licensed clinical beds, shoes, giant legs, on the lower leg / knee pads.

Purple.com has everything you need to expand your business and show signs of recovery for a healthy sleep and rest. You can examine the sleeping pads, pads and other sheet material items designed for the most extreme consolation.

These substances are supported by science for their applicability. If you need another bed, the Purple, Purple Hybrid or Purple Premier sleeping pillow can support your back better by supporting your hips and shoulders while resting. The sleeping pillows, ranging from the twin to the lord of California, come in shades of purple, white and silver. Purple Harmony or Purple Plush pillow, made with the No Pressure Support innovation, can give your head plenty of help while applying less pressure to your neck. Sheets, quilts and covers produced using materials that are expected to lighten the skin are also accessible.

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