Binance Referral Code of 2023

Important: 20% is the highest discount rate on Binance referral trading fee discount. No one can give you more than 20% discount rate.

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20% OFF Discount Binance Trading Fee Referral Code
You'll get a referral code for Binance with an easy click. You are at the review page of Binance. You'll be redirected to the official with 20% off referral code on trading fee. You need ...
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$700 Bonus and 10% OFF Binance Futures Promo Code
Get deals for Binance Futures. You are at the review page of Binance. You'll be redirected to the official with $700 bonus deals by clicking “Get Deals” button on this page.
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About Binance

Binance was established on September 2019. Since then, it has stepped forward to become one of the highest-volume exchange platforms in the crypto coins and bitcoin market. Today, Binance is the highest volume platforms and the most reliable.

How to Register on Binance?

1. Go to the Binance website and then click the [Register] button in the upper right corner of the page.

how to register binance

2. On the registration page, enter the email address and password you will use for your account. After carefully reading the Terms of Use and checking the checkbox, click the [register] button.
- In order to benefit from the discount, you must enter the coupon code we provide you on this page to the reference code box.

how to join binance

If you are an American citizen, you must do the same procedures on

3- After clicking, the system will send a verification code to your email address, the code will be valid for 30 minutes. Please check your email inbox and enter the verification code within the specified time.

how to join binance futures

-You need to enter verification code on this page.

how to register binance futures

After entering the verification code, the following page will be displayed showing that you have successfully registered.

binance review


View official Binance page from here.


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