Bitsbox Review

We have analyzed hundreds of consumer reviews from the online shopping stores. After all, we decided to buy Bitsbox. According to our detailed usage of this welcome to the future kit, here is the analyzed Bitsbox Review.

Bitsbox (Amazon):

Bitsbox Review

Children 6+ figure out how to code by building applications that work on smart phones and tablets with the Bitsbox.


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  • Children figure out how to code with 30+ amusement and application programming ventures, endorsed for gradeschool gatherings of people
  • Incorporates boundless access to the Bitsbox site, where kids fabricate the applications and see them run
  • Kids ages 6-12 learn PC programming, first by making fun, intuitive applications, and afterward by building their own
  • Applications and diversions keep running on genuine cell phones, as iPads, Amazon Fire tablets, iPhones, Android telephones, and then some
  • Incorporates an unexpected toy with an exceptional application that highlights a virtual rendition of the toy.

BitsBox’s Learning System

bitsbox review
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  • Section 1. The Box of Apps and Goodies

Each Bitsbox is stacked with many application ventures. Children love getting physical stuff via the post office, and Bitsbox utilizes that energy to make them learn. Before you know it, they’ll be composing their first applications and offering them to loved ones.

  • Section 2. The Bitsbox Website

The Bitsbox site gives each child a virtual tablet that runs the applications they construct. The tablet is on the left and their code is on the right. To run an application on a genuine gadget, they check the QR code on the PC screen. Zap! It’s just as simple as that.

What’s in the Box?

  • Full-color activity book with 22 app projects
  • Pack of 10 trading cards (each card is an app your kids can build)
  • 3 sheets of colorful Bitsbox stickers
  • 2 sheets of Bitsbox, skin-friendly Tattly temporary tattoos
  • An amazing, posable CubeBot (to accompany an app in the activity book)
  • 100% recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard packing material

The apps in the book range from very simple (2 lines of code) to very challenging (60+ lines of code). Here are the apps and the coding concepts they demonstrate:

  • In the future, what will you see? | simple graphics
  • Who will you be? | graphics and text
  • What will you create? | simple drag interaction
  • Which pet will you adopt? | line drawing
  • Park your Hoverhouse | screen coordinates
  • Bitsbox Boxbot  | variables and drawing commands
  • Maze Runner  | dragging with animation
  • Tap Addict  | keeping score as you tap
  • Replicator Roulette | randomness and stamps
  • Hal Animator | arrays and strings
  • Trouble with Tribbles | loops and randomness
  • Countdown Timer | counting and if/else statements
  • Father’s Day | custom messages
  • Star Pilot | custom functions and interaction
  • Gravity Dance | mathematics and physics simulation
  • Sphero Drive | full racing game with a variety of concepts
  • Mood Ball | RGB color mixing and sliders
  • ZapChat | realtime communication
  • Escape Pod | full game with collision and animation
  • Nano Doctor | full game with looping and random enemies
  • Cubebot Yoga | graphic positioning and angles
  • The Claw | full game inspired by Snake

Usage Experience & Conclusion

is bitsbox worth it
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Bitsbox is amazing. [My grandson instructed me to type 100 outcry focuses. He is helping me compose this review]. Each unique Bitsbox has instructive incentive and in addition being enjoyable. This “Welcome to the Future” Bitsbox accompanies an intriguing toy called a Cubebot. It is a little wooden box that folds out into something that resembles a robot. The Cubebot likewise might be collapsed again into a 3D square – which is a test, yet an incredible learning background.

Each Bitsbox has a toy with a computerized partner you can use to make an application. The Cubebot application is classified “Cubebot Yoga” [the Cubebot does amusing exercises]. My 10-year-old grandson cherishes each Bitsbox he has gotten. My grandson stated, “Bitsbox encourages me do what my father does at his work.” (His father is a PC software engineer). Composing the codes is an incredible involvement in perception, composing and following guidelines precisely. The prizes are fun recreations to play on a PC, telephone or tablet. My grandson says composing the codes and playing the amusements he makes is unwinding.

There are bunches of various recreations to make [22] so the assortment gives him a great deal of choices of diversions to play. He can change numerous parts of each amusement to make the diversion “his own”. This Bitsbox has 30 “stamps” (pictures), 31 sounds, 10 “fills” (foundations) and 9 tunes. Since each Bitsbox has distinctive sounds, designs and melodies, [plus more online]- – each time you get another Bitsbox, you have a more prominent assortment of approaches to change the applications.

The applications begin essentially – the main couple of applications to code just have 2 lines. Before the finish of the book there is an amusement which has 64 lines of code, so the learning is dynamic, yet to a great degree simple if the kid figuring out how to code focuses on what should be composed. My grandson prefers the 62 line diversion the best. It is classified “The Claw”. The “Paw wind” is a hook on an affix which is utilized to pursue an outsider around the screen endeavoring to get it. Each time you get an outsider, the chain gets longer so the diversion is progressively all the more difficult.

A while back, we attempted a multi month membership to check whether Bitsbox is justified regardless of the cash. It is! My grandson is currently going to utilize his own cash to help pay for a year-long membership since he cherishes making the applications. A large portion of the applications are anything but difficult to code. When he has an issue that he can’t make sense of – their client benefit is wonderful.

My grandson exceptionally prescribes Bitsbox (thus do I).

Bitsbox – Welcome to the Future Kit (Amazon):

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