Audio Technica ATH W5000 Review

Audio Technica ATH W5000 Review

It’s everything in Audio Technica ATH W5000 that has survived for many years. I mean, it’s pretty durable. Audio Technica ATH W5000 can fit any size of head and completely enclose your ear. The material is the combination of wood, metal and plastics. Here is the Audio Technica ATH W5000 Review by Picked Box.

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Box Content of Audio Technica ATH W5000

The wood headset in a very solid flight case is not rich in the box content. Only the headset itself and the velvety carrying bag come out of the box decorated with red-tone fabric.

Design and Cable Quality

It’s too thick on the cable. The separation of Y is in proportion to the thickness of the cable. Even at this point you can see that this headset is not intended for portable use, it is intended for your home amps and listening to comfortably. So that part is pretty thick and 6.3 mm. You need to use a converter for 3.5 mm.

Sound Quality of Audio Technica ATH W5000

Audio Technica ATH W5000 is amazing for a closed head when you support it with the amp. Stage-wide, spacious, resolution, and a good instrument separation. It doesn’t lose control of the complicated parts of the songs and it doesn’t make the music slurry. In this way, he continues to listen comfortably, even in metal-fast, tough types.

Bass is not a particularly strong field. They do not go deep. But you will love the soft bass of organic instruments automatically with the virtue of realism.

It proves to be perfect with Mid frequency performance. Starting from classical music, you make a musical presentation of all musical genres and it gives you full hearing.

Treble, it is possible to hear the same realism on the shore. Even the performance you have never expected. It is possible to hear the treble in places where you do not want singing.


That’s a pretty refined earpiece. Audio Technica ATH W5000 is really ideal for Country, blues, jazz and classical.

Audio Technica ATH W5000 (Amazon):

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