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About Nvidia

Nvidia triggered growth in the computer game market in 1999, redefined modern computer graphics and radically changed parallel computing. Recently, the GPU has triggered modern AI (new age of computing), with GPU acting as a brain learning in deep learning, computers, robots and self-driving cars that can sense and understand the world. Nvidia pioneered the emergence of a super-powerful form of computing that appeals to the world's most ambitious computer users, such as scientists, designers, artists and game lovers. Nvidia has built a machine equivalent to a time machine for these users. Powered by endless demands and the size of the gaming market for better 3D graphics, GPU has evolved into a computer brain with a combination of virtual reality, high performance computing and artificial intelligence.

With 30 years of microprocessor performance increasing by 50% each year, the dynamics of Moore's Law remains true. However, given the limits of semiconductor physics, CPU performance now increases by only 10% per year. NVIDIA GPU computing will take the industry further and provide 1000 times acceleration in 2025.

Nvidia's invention of GPU in 1999 made it possible to real-time programmable shading, which gives artists an endless palette for expression. Nvidia has led the field of visual computing ever since.
With $ 100 billion, computer games are the world's largest entertainment industry and NVIDIA GeForce is its largest platform. GeForce GTX GPUs and the GeForce Experience app turn ordinary computers into powerful gaming machines. GameWorks software enables developers to make games more photorealistic and immersive.

GPU computing is the future path for HPC and data centers. NVIDIA leverages both advanced systems in Europe and Japan and the world's fastest supercomputer. Summit, located in the United States, is the world's smartest and most powerful supercomputer with more than 3 exaOP speeds per second for HPC and petaFLOP for Artificial Intelligence. Summit combines HPC and Artificial Intelligence by using 27,000 NVIDIA Volta Tensor Core GPUs to accelerate scientific discoveries.

Three convergence forces were effective in opening the Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI): the availability of vast data storages, the invention of deep learning algorithms and the powerful performance of GPU computing.

New internet services, such as Google Assistant, learn to speak from sound. Driverless vehicles use deep learning to recognize the space around the vehicle and what to avoid. In healthcare, neural networks trained with millions of medical images can find clues in MRIs that have only been available through invasive biopsy so far.
Artificial Intelligence will create a unique wave of social development since the industrial revolution.

View official Nvidia page from here.

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