FTX Referral Code of 2022

Important: 5% is the highest discount rate on FTX referral trading fee discount. No one can’t give you discount rate more than 5%.

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5% OFF FTX Referral Discount Code on Trading Fee
Click the "View Code" button on the right on this section of this page. It opens a new page which shows you the referral code and current page direct you to the official FTX home page which has a ...
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New User Account Creation

As a first-time FTX.com customer, you will want to follow the steps below to create an account and get verified to trade.

  1. Click the View Code button above on this page. It opens a new page which shows you the referral code and current page direct you to the official FTX home page which has referral code for 5% off discount on trading fees. PS: 5% is the highest discount rate for FTX referrals. You can't get more rate than this from anyone. Moreover, when you click "View Code" button on this page, the referral code will be implied automatically. You don't need to write the code by yourself.
  2. If you don't want to click View Code button on current page, you may just click this link (https://ftx.com/referrals#a=pickedbox) to go official FTX with 5% off trading discount referral.
  3. Fill in your email and password in the pop-up registration window
  4. Registration Successful!
  5. Now head to your Profile Settings page.
  6. Set up 2FA under "Account Security". You can choose to set up 2FA in Authy, Google Authenticator or via SMS.
  7. In order to deposit and trade, you'll need to complete KYC.
  8. Click on "Convert" to convert between coins instantly or, you may use trade option.

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