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About AAII

AAII provides individual investors with the information and tools they need to master the markets and achieve their financial goals. Monthly AAII Magazine provides the timely research and analysis you need to manage your portfolio under all circumstances. Since its inception, AAII has been providing its members with education, knowledge and research so that they can realize their full potential and avoid falling into the traps of Wall Street. You can attend live weekly webinars to dive deep into a variety of investment topics with industry-leading financial analysts.
Members state that they have received a good education and are very effective in investment decision processes. With the right training and knowledge, most individual investors can become fully effective managers of their assets.

AAII has trained more than two million investors and continues to help them develop their "investment philosophy" based on individual goals. This is accomplished by showing how to take advantage of different investment instruments and opportunities, showing how to obtain the information necessary for effective decision making, and even informing investors how various investments are interrelated in the economic environment.

View official American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) page from here.

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