When is Single’s Day 2022 and How Is It Celebrated?

May 6, 2022

Does it say something to you on November 11? Have you heard of Singles Day? If all this sounds like Chinese to you, read on to find out what it is and join one of the most avant-garde celebrations that is taking the world of online consumption and shopping by storm. Not to be missed!

November has undoubtedly become the month with the record sales of the year, because of the long-awaited Black Friday, the famous Cyber Monday, but especially this recent and innovative International Singles Day. But what is Singles Day?

What is Single’s Day?

what is singles day

It is said that it is better to be alone than in bad company, and this is precisely what thousands of young Asians celebrate every year on the famous Single’s Day! This celebration has its origins in Chinese culture during the 90s, when a group of students began to give each other gifts to celebrate their singleness.

11/11 was chosen as the date for this festivity because there is no better way to represent singleness than with the number that symbolizes loneliness par excellence. In this way, in contrast to Valentine’s Day, a holiday was born in which Chinese teenagers commemorate the pride of being single. And without compromise!

The success of this day is increasing and for this reason, there are many businessmen who have decided to join this celebration with promotions and offers during this week through their online stores.

When is Single’s Day in US?

When is Single's Day in US?

As we said before, Singles Day is celebrated on November 11. But why? The number one, in addition to alluding to loneliness, also represents a leafless tree in Eastern symbology. Therefore, another distinctive symbol of a person who does not have a partner. Never again will you have to wonder what day is Single’s Day!

In US we were not going to be less, so since AliExpress, belonging to the Alibaba group, became known in our country, the name Singles Day began to gain strength, and electronic commerce skyrocketed in regions such as Andalusia or the Basque Country. Now there are many Spaniards who advance their purchases to take advantage of the incredible discounts that you can find during that day. Join you too by taking advantage of the SHEIN coupon code!

And it is that there are also many US companies that have decided to participate in this celebration, offering great discounts and promotions that are very difficult to pass up. We are sure that it will also be hard for you to resist Walmart deals and coupon codes, with which you can buy many different products.

Who would have thought that a little joke from a group of students from the 90s would go down in history as a worldwide phenomenon in today’s economy and that it would move millions of dollars in addition to giving you the opportunity to get those discounts that you have always darling. Enjoy them before they run out!

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