How to Choose Best Perfume in 4 Steps?

Sense of smell is one of the most efficient senses. It is directly connected to our brain that immediately processes the information, this causes the original sensation of the scent it captured to be generated again.

Choosing a perfume is difficult. There are so many brands and scents to choose from. And the last thing you want is to buy a perfume that smells good on someone else but not on you.

So how do you find the best perfume for your skin type? Well, here are 4 steps to help you find the perfect scent:

Determine your skin type

Determine your skin type to choose best perfume

Although there are scientific procedures that determine the pH level of your skin, with a simple trick you can determine if your pH is neutral, acidic or alkaline.

Take one of the perfumes you have at home and spray it on paper, it should remain present for four to five hours. If placing it on your skin lasts less than that, it is because your pH is acidic, otherwise it is alkaline.

What does that influence when choosing an scent? In a lot. A skin with acidic pH keeps the scents fixed for a very short time, so a sweet perfume, with floral tones and wooded by its nature will be the ones that are present for the longest time on your skin. An example of these perfumes for women, and which is very trendy, is My Way by Giorgio Armani.

This fragrance with predominantly floral notes such as bergamot, orange blossom, tuberose and jasmine accompanied by cedar wood, vanilla and white musk is an option for those who have acidic pH. In addition, with the Sephora coupon code you can save up to 50% off.

A masculine fragrance, also with acidic pH, is Gentleman by Givenchy. It is a woody floral fragrance with notes of pepper, lavender, lily and oriental black vanilla.

For a person with a more alkaline pH, a fresh scent is recommended. Since this type of skin naturally maintains a perfume fixed and intensifies, the scent can make it too intoxicating or repulsive. A fresh and very pleasant smell for women is Alive by Hugo Boss composed of notes of apple and peach. You can get it with this FragranceNet coupon code with up to 33% off on your purchase.

Try Out Different Scents Until You Find One That Works Well With Your Body Chemistry

Try Out Different Scents Until You Find Best Perfume Works Well With Your Body Chemistry

One of the most common mistakes we make when buying a perfume is not to try it on the skin. We usually take the paper sample with the product and take it home.

The best way to know if that scent is going to be ideal for you is to try it directly. There you will know if the smell matches your skin, with your personality and if you can wear it for a long period of time.

But if you are one of the people who prefers to buy at the moment and you are eaten by the anxiety to take the perfume or prefer to buy it online, we share some of the options that usually go very well with everyone.

Scandal Intense by Jean Paul Gaultier and Libre by Ives Saint Laurent are a girl perfume option and 212 Men Heroes by Carolina Herrera and Bvlgari Man Terrae Essence by Bvlgari men’s options.

Try The Different Variations of the Same Perfume

3- Try The Different Variations of the Same Perfume

What better than being remembered over the years for just one scent? Sometimes using the same cologne for a long time makes that scent unmistakably associated with you, a kind of declaration of smell.

And even if it sounds boring, believe us that your grandchildren or nephews will remember you without much effort for that. However, to get out of monotony you can try the variations of the same perfume.

Some fashion brands or perfumeries usually have a perfume statement from which other fragrances derive, without losing the main notes of the original. These variations can offer changes in scents that, although it seems to you that you experience something different, is only a variation of the colony that identifies you.

Here we share classic perfumes that have had derivatives over the years and that can be used to identify you from all over the world.

A clear example of these variations are the perfumes of the Dior house. From J’adore or Miss Dior, other sister fragrances arise with which you can get a small group of feminine scents with which you always identify.

On the other hand, Maison Margiela has its Replica perfume series, among them there are some unisex fragrances and between them an aromatic harmony is maintained that will give you different options while maintaining the notes you like the most.

Spray The Perfume on the Points of the Blood Pulse

Spray The Perfume on the Points of the Blood Pulse to find best perfume

Perfume doesn’t go on clothes, it goes on the skin. It is recommended to place the perfume at those pulse points of the body. Those points are the places where blood travels closest to the skin and tend to be warmer, so the evaporation of the fragrance is more effective.

The most recommended blood pulse points to place your perfume are, the back of the nape of the neck, behind the ears, the inner part of the elbows and wrists, hips, ankles and the back of the knee.

It is not necessary to use a large amount of product to smell good all day. The trick is to apply a small amount in those areas so that you subtly and pleasantly exhume the fragrance for longer.

How to choose best perfume according to skin?

The bad thing about this trick is that it makes the scent more persistent and penetrating since the movement of blood in those places will make your perfume release the scent for several hours, so if you prefer soft and delicate fragrances here we leave you some excellent options.

Prada Iris infusion gives the feeling of clean clothes, it is a soft fragrance, for women, that everyone likes. Another subtle but captivating option is Grey Vetiver by Hugo Boss, it is a timeless and fresh masculine perfume.


Perfume is a very personal thing. It’s not something you just pick up off the shelf and wear. It’s something that you have to feel, smell, and try on in order to find the perfect one for your skin.

Choosing best perfume is not an easy task. But it doesn’t have to be too hard either.

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