Fancy Tops Ideas That Make You Look the Best!

A nice top that suits your trousers well is very important to complete your look. You can select the tops from a wide range of colors and shapes. One should be careful while selecting tops such that they are prefect match to your trousers and also suit the occasion you are wearing them for. Although ‘mix and match’ is a common trend among youths, it can negatively affect your look if not done in the right way. It needs good imagination and a sense of fashion to ‘mix and match’ the clothing to make them look like a perfect pair.

Short or Long Tops

You should consider the length of the top you intend to buy, as this can affect the overall feel of our attire. A strict warning to short ladies: never ever wear long tops! They are going to make you look even shorter. Tall ladies can easily wear both long and short tops. However, they should avoid wearing very short tops especially if it is for a formal meeting. It may not make a very good impression about you. Short tops are more suitable for a party with people of your age. You can also wear them for a sports event or when you are heading to a beach. Long tops look good when they have embroidery or an ethnic look.

Fitting of the Top:

Many women prefer to wear tight fitting tops especially at young age. However, a word of caution to all who love to wear tight fitting tops! Don’t overdo it! If you try to squeeze yourself in the top, it will not only make you feel uncomfortable but also give a look as if you have been pressed inside the clothes. It is very important that the top you select fits you well. It should make you feel at ease. You can always select some nice loose tops to wear at home. It is a great comfort to wear loose clothing at home. Tight tops suit well on women who have a good figure. If you are obese or do not have the right curvatures, then you’d better stay away from tight tops. However, that does not mean you select tops that are very loose. Your top should fit to your body just right.


This is the main criteria for selecting tops for different occasions. As mentioned earlier, tops are available in vast rage of colors. You can get them in the brightest colors to the dullest ones. Some all time favorite colors of tops for women are pink, yellow, blue, red and of course white.

Latest trends say that yellow and orange make you look quite cool! Bright colors are always suitable for young people. However, if you are going to wear them for a formal meeting, then you better stick to more sober colors like white. White can surely make you look elegant and dignified! It is always wise to have at least one top in each basic color.

Tops are also available in different fluorescent colors like green and yellow. However, wear them only if you feel confident about them. Take this as a warning, fluorescent tops make you look frivolous. You should also consider your skin color when you are selecting tops. If you have a darker skin, then it is best to avoid tops with dark colors like black, dark blue or purple. Go for lighter shades in this case.

Design of the Tops:

If you are selecting a top for family gatherings, weddings or similar occasions, it is best to select ethnic tops. Tops with fine embroidery and ‘zari’ work can add wonders to your looks. These tops should have slits along the sides and a well designed neckline. You can chose to have a full sleeve tops in this case, if you are tall. However, short women should opt for tops with short sleeves. For casual wear, you can select tops with stripes or any print.

Short women should never ever wear tops having horizontal stripes. They make you look shorter. If you wear tops with vertical stripes, it can make you look taller and of course, slimmer. Do not wear tops with checks design, as it does not suit all women well.

Fancy Tops Trends
• Tops having social messages printed over them are a hot choice nowadays.
• You can also have tops that have something written over them about yourself or what defines your attitude.
• Match the tops with proper accessories and trousers.

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