5 Main Benefits of Yoga

Do we do yoga to stand on our heads? For spiritual enlightenment? Or just to be healthier? Here is the 5 Benefits of Yoga

The benefits of yoga continue to be approved by recent research. If you are only doing yoga to increase flexibility or to distract yourself, it may be surprising for you to learn what benefits yoga provides physically and mentally.

1- Yoga protects your mental health

According to a study published in the frontier in human Neuroscience magazine in 2015, yoga is also very useful for the brain. As we age, grey cells in our brain are reduced and we are more likely to experience a variety of neurological and psychiatric problems. In the research, positive changes were observed in the brain activity of yoga and meditation practitioners. In addition to all this, meditation is a practice that encourages to be in the moment and to accept what is happening as it is. It is much easier to achieve your inner balance with this awareness and to move away from problems such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks.

2- You can strengthen with yoga

Especially Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa yoga practices enhance your balance, and your body gets stronger when you practice some poses regularly. This allows you to feel physically stronger and more confident as well as psychologically stronger. With yoga practices based on flexibility and stasis such as Yin yoga, you can also achieve a healthier skeletal system and reduce these pain significantly, especially if you are suffering from chronic pain. Thanks to your strengthened spinal cord, you can have a more upright posture.

3- Yoga helps you lose weight

One of the main contributions of yoga is the awareness that it brings. It allows you to be aware of your breath during yoga stops, to feel the muscles you use and release while you are in poses, to observe the changes in your body when you switch between poses or unwind in another pose, and to connect with your body completely. Thanks to your rising physical awareness, you will start paying more attention to the foods you consume naturally. Especially if you are on a diet and have strengthened Your goal of losing weight with another exercise, yoga will make everything easier and more enjoyable on this journey.

4- Discover your limitations with yoga

When you do yoga regularly for a while, your body gets stronger, you get a more flexible structure, and when you start yoga you are encouraged to see some poses that you think are impossible. Seeing how you can stretch your physical boundaries allows you to discover areas where you are emotionally obstructing yourself, and to approach the psychological problems you are unable to pass through.

5- Yoga protects your heart

A study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology in 2016 found that yoga helps to lose weight, as well as regulates blood pressure and can significantly reduce bad cholesterol. Thanks to these benefits, yoga helps you maintain your heart health.

The most important thing to consider when doing yoga is to make the yoga right. These days, the popularity of yoga has increased and will increase further in the future. If you follow the amateur shares you find on the Internet, you can damage your mental health and physical health. At the beginning of my yoga journey I was trying to do yoga by watching videos on YouTube. However, most yoga videos on Youtube are shot by amateurs. My advice to you is to find a professional yoga instructor. I’m going to share with you the website of my yoga instructor. She is real professional yoga instructor. You can follow her videos. Whether you’re at the beginning level or not, you should avoid from the amateurs for your health. Here is the website: yogaburnchallenge.com

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