4 Tricks to Save on AliExpress

We love shopping on the AliExpress website, but when we place our orders sometimes we wonder if we can save a little more. If you have a personality of a savior, then this interests you.

Unlike other specialized pages, on AliExpress you can find everything but also, for a very economical and competitive price. How is it possible? Many sellers advertise directly on AliExpress, although there are also some intermediaries.

This means that there is great competition between them and lower prices. Which, as buyers, we are interested in getting the best bargains and thus not having to scare the wallet every time we treat ourselves to a whim.

However, this does not end here. Because if you really like bargains, as a customer you can apply different extra tricks to save a few bucks on your purchase. Therefore, here we created a collection of tips to save on your AliExpress orders.

Take advantage of Coupons, Deals and Discount Codes

aliexpress Coupons

We already know that AliExpress offers wonderful prices, but it is always up to us to reduce the final cost by a few euros. How can we do it? There are several ways:

  • Discounts are temporary sales that you can easily find and apply to certain products or dates. Or even, if you are attentive, when you browse through AliExpress you will see that many of the items are already on sale.
  • Coupons are special codes that you can add at checkout. Once you get your coupon, include the key when asked by AliExpress and you will get a discount. Here you can find our section of Aliexpress discount coupons.
  • Coins are a type of virtual currency, and only redeemable on AliExpress, with which you can get a discount when paying. First of all, we will have to download the AliExpress app. Later, in the “Coins and Coupons” section we can get them. But for this we must overcome some daily challenges or games. To give you an idea, about 100 virtual coins are equivalent to approximately $2.
  • If in addition to money you also like to save time, the selection of promotional products is for you. If you want to have direct access to this section and you are buying through the web, you must first go to the main page of the platform. So, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and on the left side you will see that you can find the products classified by categories. One of them is promotion. Next, you will have direct access to the list of products on promotion.

Download the App

aliexpress app coupon

We highly advise you to download the AliExpress application on your mobile (there is an option for both Android and iOS). And it is that beyond having a wish list and easy access to the products of the platform, this app comes loaded with advantages and tricks for your savings.

From the outset, for being new to the app you will have discounts and extra AliExpress coupon. Furthermore, AliExpress will create a personalized section called “I’m sure you like it” with which the platform will offer you items that you like the most.

However, this does not end here, since you will be able to have notifications of the latest offers and find out about discounts for special events such as Black Friday, Singles Day (celebrated every November 11), Mother’s Day and many more.

Another advantage of the AliExpress app is that you will not have shipping costs on many products, specifically we are talking about 75% of the items.

But the app’s star discounts are, without a doubt, the lightning deals or “flash deals”. These are discounts that AliExpress offers you on some selected products, even up to 90% on some occasions. You have to be careful, because these offers are usually for a limited time, usually 24 hours.

If This is Your First Time Shopping on AliExpress, You’re Lucky

aliexpress new user coupon

If you’re new to AliExpress, know that you’re in for a big welcome. And you will wonder why. AliExpress offers us the opportunity to apply the so-called welcome (or new user) discount.

You can use this discount only on your first purchase and you can redeem it when making the final payment. In addition, you can apply it, whether you make the order on the website or in the app.

And that’s not all, if you’re not interested in the welcome discount, we can take a product for a cent instead. Yes, you read it right. You can take a product for just $0.01.

In addition, AliExpress offers us a wide variety of products with this bargain. Do you have a pet? Perfect, since there are many products to choose from, such as a harness for your cat or a hairbrush. If you like patterned socks, you can also find the pair that best suits your style. Although if you have a more demure style, nothing happens, there are also plain black and white ones. And many more categories of items such as jewelry, personal care or craft products.

Discount When Buying More Than One Item

aliexpress promo code

As we have already mentioned before, part of the success of AliExpress is based on the fact that sellers offer themselves on the platform and the customer buys them directly. So the prices are more competitive.

If you look, once we display the characteristics of a product we can see, in most of them, that AliExpress offers us a discount if we buy several units of the same item. Generally this discount is usually 2% or 5%, the percentage can vary as well as the minimum units that you must buy.

This hack is perfect for those times when you and your friends have had your eye on the same t-shirt and want to save a little more. Or if you have found an item that you think everyone should have and you want to give it to those closest to you.

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