Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ models were positioned as competition forces in the upper-class smartphone market in the first half of 2018. The flagship Samsung phones introduced in MWC 2018, which we are ready to launch, have been on the Turkish market for several weeks. The new Android phones do not differ greatly in appearance compared to their predecessors Galaxy S8 and S8+. However, it tries to close some gaps and gaps that users have complained about last year. In addition to all this, Apple’s flagship iPhone X’s features are also measuring. The Galaxy S9+, the dual-rear camera and the larger screen has been experiencing for some time. In this a Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review, we are referring to the innovations and general features of the new eye phone, and we are looking at our ideas. Here is the Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review.

If your intention nowadays is to buy a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+, don’t go through our review. We’re talking about the galaxy S9+, but most of what we write will include the S9.

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Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review

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The Samsung Galaxy S9+is almost no different from its predecessor, the Galaxy S8+in terms of design. A remote facing person will not know if the phone you are holding is S8+ or S9+. However, when you bring both phones together, you will find that the dimensions of the Galaxy S9+are slightly cropped. At the same time, the lines of the S9+are slightly sharpened, and you can see that metal and glass are designed with a bit more sharp edges.

The phone is also equipped with a 6.2-inch screen, rounded corners and rounded corners. The surface area is slightly narrowed, so the screen frame looks a little more. At the top of the screen, there is still a small area of components, such as the handset speaker, camera, Iris scanner and sensors. There is no component at the bottom of the screen. The navigation is also integrated into the display, but the Home button offers vibrating feedback, as is the case with the flagship of the previous year.

Last year, using the galaxy S8+, after a certain period of time was no problem, we were used to using a large screen phone. Thanks to the experience we obtained from S8+, the dimensions of S9+did not appear to be discerning. If you are going to meet this design for the first time with the galaxy S9+, it may seem a bit difficult to get used to at first. However, thanks to its curved and slim profile, as well as smaller surface area than normal, it will not be difficult to use this Large Screen Phone. However, once in a while, when you try to use the phone with one hand, you may notice unwanted commands being entered because your palms are touching the edges.

The galaxy S9+ was completely black like last year’s S8+. The Black front and rear windows are quite heavy and stylish when combined with the Black Metal surrounding the edges. Black-colored metal frame looks durable, but you can see small scratches on the front and back Windows after a while. If you’re obsessed with this, then our advice is to get a case or Screen Protector. By the way, the glass surface is very keen on keeping fingerprints and dirt.


Hardware and Performance

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Samsung Galaxy S9+, S8+’s 6.2 inch, 18.5:9 aspect ratio, 1440 x 2960 pixel resolution Super AMOLED screen continues to protect. This screen offers high brightness, vibrant and bright images. The brightness of the S8 + ‘ s screen does not change according to anything. However, the color temperature seems to have increased slightly. In particular, the color tone and the temperature are clearly visible. Combined with glass, this screen makes the look of the phone much more impressive. Wide angle of view, high brightness and thanks to the advantage of AMOLED technology, the bright light can be used in outdoor environments.

Watching YouTube videos, Netflix movies or series on the big screen of the galaxy S9+becomes a pleasure. Moreover, the HDR10 compatibility of the monitor enhances this pleasure. When you open the HDR-compliant content of these services, you will notice that colors are richer and more vibrant. Of course, you have to have a fast internet connection to experience this difference. On the other hand, the pictures or videos are also impressive on the S9+. You can change the color profile from within the image settings, and you can also create your own profile. However, we didn’t feel the need for it during the time we used it.

One of the main advantages of the SUPER AMOLED is that the pixels can be activated independently. Always on display, which we have seen for a long time in the S and note series Samsung phones. When the phone is in sleep, the display shows icons for the time, date, battery status, and incoming notifications. If you wish, you can also display content such as calendar, photo, animation on the screen continuously.

Compared to the single Speaker Galaxy S8+, the Galaxy S9+has made great progress. Stereo output not only increases the volume of sound output, but also makes bass and treble even more noticeable. The environmental impact that fills the ear allows for a higher sound output. Of course, since the sound output intensity of both speakers is not the same, you will feel that stereo sound does not spread equally to both ears, especially when you hold the phone horizontally and listen to or watch something. However, this is not very disturbing. In the meantime, holding the phone horizontally and turning off the output of one of the speakers while playing games will not greatly affect the audio output. You will hear enough sound from the Front Speaker again.

According to benchmark tests, Galaxy S9 + is a monster. AnTuTu’s test achieves a score of 245,000 and plays at the beginning. The GeekBench 4 Test also found a similar result. Situation in practice the benchmark test, supports. The Galaxy S9+, an flagship phone offers decent fluency and speed. You can easily perform daily tasks, edit photos or videos directly on the device. On the side of the game Galaxy S9 + does not disappoint. High-profile games can be played on this phone easily, fluently and without degradation of graphics quality. The game mode is also available, and a variety of tools are available to help you focus on the game or take a screenshot. In other words, we have observed that the temperature of the phone rises slightly above normal in some cases when we use it extensively. However, we can say that the temperature is not a problem during the time we experienced.



Samsung Galaxy S9+ Hardware

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+are notable changes compared to their predecessors, one of which is security. In fact, fingerprint readers, Face Detection and Iris scanning are protected as well, but there are a variety of changes in their layout and operation.

As we mentioned above, the fingerprint reader is placed on the back, with the index finger positioned in a more comfortable position. You can easily find and use this rectangular shaped unit with your finger. The fingerprint reader works quickly and allows you to scroll through the locked screen quickly.

Face Detection and Iris scanning features used to work independently from each other, and you had to choose between them. In fact, this situation continues the same way. However, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ allow them to work together. Under the system called smart scanning, they work together. This allows you to quickly open the lock screen without using the fingerprint reader or entering a PIN/password.


Samsung’s Knox system also needs to be mentioned. Galaxy S9+, is protected by Knox system. You can place photos, videos, or other files and documents in a section called a secure folder that you don’t want others to have access to. Authentication is required when you want to access them. On the other hand, you can also store user input or form records via Samsung pass, and automatically enter your information on frequently used websites or pages via the biometric authentication system.


Galaxy S9 + comes with Android 8.0 oreo installed. On top of that, there is a customized user interface called Samsung experience. Experience is available with the lock screen and the main screen wallpaper, weighing in blue and shades. However, we also see the application shortcuts with rounded corners. You can access different theme options through the Samsung themes app, and change the user interface of the Galaxy S9+from start to finish.

With the S9+, there is also a small, handy change to the user interface. When you hold the phone horizontally, the layout of the main screen and the application menu is also arranged accordingly. So far, Samsung didn’t have this feature, especially when you’re watching videos, you have to change your grip when you want to go into another application.

Because of its edge, we see Samsung’s edge applications as well. Edge panels will appear when you draw a thin and long tab at the edge of the screen. You can access your favorite apps from here to people you communicate with frequently. To tell you the truth, we often forget the presence of edge panels. However, the smart Selection Panel can be a logical reason to open edge panels. If you want to take a screenshot of any point of the screen or create a GIF animation, the Smart Selection tool is very useful.

AR Emoji

Using the 8-megapixel camera in front, this takes a two-dimensional image of the face and then 100 different faces are applied to create a three-dimensional profile.

With more than one camera and sensor in Apple’s approach, Samsung relies only on a single camera and software-based algorithms. Apple’s iPhone X TrueDepth Camera System can not succeed in capturing movements AR emoji.

However, Samsung’s AR emoji feature is more personalized. Apple only allows you to use a variety of predefined characters. Samsung also allows you to change things like gender, skin tone, hair style. In addition, you can also use AR stickers, and you can add glasses, hats and other accessories to profile photos.


Samsung Galaxy S9+ Specs

Before formally announcing the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung began to highlight the camera features in person, giving the message that the camera was redesigned. The South Korean company, with its f/1.5 lens placed in the rear camera, is the first company in the industry to offer such a wide aperture in a smartphone. It was not limited to this, it was possible to change the aperture. The technology, called Dual aperture, allows the aperture to be changed between f/1.5 and f/2.4. The first priority is to take brighter pictures in darker, Dim conditions. The second is to reduce the amount of light falling on the sensor in bright conditions, preventing the light from bursting in the scenes. In this dynamic technology, Samsung is inspired by the fact that the human eye adjusts itself to the light.

At the rear, a 12 megapixel, f/1.5-2.4 Aperture lens is added, yet another 12 megapixel camera with a wider angle, f/2.4 Aperture. This way, as we see in Galaxy Note 8, background blurred pictures can be taken or 2x optical zoom can be made. As in Note 8, both cameras have an optical image stabilization system.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are small, yet significant additions to last year’s phones. Those looking for a change in design may be disappointed, but the small touches make the S9+more comfortable. This is the beginning of the thumbprint reader. Although it is a large screen phone, using the Galaxy S9+is not that difficult and troublesome. The screen also offers vivid, bright and dazzling images as expected. The Processor also offers an flagship phone-worthy performance. The battery is also used in the normal intensity, and it is able to remove the battery from the morning to the evening at a comfortable rate. This will be enough for most users. Fast charging and wireless charging are among the major enhancements on the battery side.

The camera was the most focused element on Samsung. To tell you the truth, areas for the Galaxy S9 or S9+cameras, will not be disappointed. They will satisfy themselves in almost any environment, and they will take the photos they share in social media environments with ease. They can also use their phones to shoot on special occasions or important events. Features such as AR emoji or Super slow motion can help you get the attention in your surroundings, but both need further improvement.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 + or S9 will be a little more budget for those who are unstable to buy the S9+. The presence of two cameras will allow you to get more from the camera. The more RAM you have, the more applications you can expect, and the better performance on the multi-tasking side. More than that, watching movies on the big screen, surfing the Internet will be even more efficient and fun. It is not too difficult to use a phone with a screen, which is normally referred to as a “huge size”, because it is already a thin screen frame.

If you want a large-screen phone, if your budget is good, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ can easily be placed at the top of your review list.

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