iPhone SE 2 Review

Apple’s iPhone SE 2, which is expected to be announced at a special event in WWDC 2018 or September, is now one of the most interesting issues for Smartphone enthusiasts. Everyone is wondering iPhone SE 2 price and the release date. Here is the iPhone SE 2 Review by Picked Box.

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Design of iPhone SE 2

Apple will make the iPhone SE 2 exclusive to those who want to use a smaller screen smartphone. We are reviewing the new iPhone SE 2, which will present the popular iPhone 5 case design to us in a revised form. Both design and hardware will present important changes (according to the previous version) to us.

The new SE version is almost a small version of the iPhone X. Like the previous SE model, the iPhone 5 case used a 4-inch size. Similar to the Screen Type found on the iPhone X, the screen of the iPhone SE 2 is even bigger than the previous SE model.

The iPhone SE 2 have a slim frame and will be in a case equivalent to the iPhone 5 Case.

For wireless charging, the rear of the iPhone SE 2 will be glass, and Apple no longer uses 3.5 mm jack input for the headset.

Performance and Hardware of iPhone SE 2

On the iPhone SE 2, A10 fusion processor which is used in iPhone 7 series,  is used. In this way, compared to the previous iPhone SE A9 processor, iPhone SE 2 will be obtained 40 percent more speed

Heif image format support and hevc video compression standard is also supported. In short, we can say that it focuses on hardware updates rather than design. Apple offers us two different options for memory. This time the amount of memory will be 2 GB. In addition, the phone will be available in two different storage options: 32 GB and 128 GB.

The 5 megapixel FaceTime camera is replaced with a 7 megapixel Retina-flash camera. 2 MP sensor and f / 1.8 Aperture will be used on the front camera.

And finally, the iPhone SE 2 has 1700 mAh battery.

iPhone SE 2 (Amazon): https://amzn.to/2Jr7ECs